About Benevore

We live in a crazy world in which we can speak to anyone on earth from anywhere on earth. A world in which any question can be answered with the press of a button – heck, we’ve even done away with the button with advanced always-listening artificial intelligence. It’s also a world in which we can spend hours throwing birds into forts built by pigs, chasing imaginary creatures throughout our neighborhood, and take 15 minutes to make sure that “spontaneous” photo we’re going to post looks just right.

How do we make sure we’re using the unique advancements of our time to our advantage instead of being distracted the simple amusements they provide? How can new technology bring us closer to God -and ourselves- instead of dull our desire to the extraordinary?

Well, that’s why we created Benevore.

We’re here to help you sift through everything and find the good stuff. We curate the best Catholic content
 the internet has to offer and create ground-breaking original material to fill the gaps – in subject, substance, and style.

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