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Instead of asking for full posts, we ask that you begin by submitting your title and a brief outline of the article you’d like to write. After reviewing the tips below, use the “Submit an Idea” button to get started.
Tips for a Killer Blog Post
  1. Order Matters: Idea > Title > Outline > Post
    1. Think of the audience – who are they?  What are their needs?
    2. Think of a topic that’s relevant to the audience and addresses their needs.
    3. Think of the most important, most helpful, most useful thing the audience will get out of reading your article.
    4. Write a title that will make your audience want to read the post because it clearly communicates that ‘most helpful thing’ can be found inside the post.
    5. Write a brief outline that will serve as the bones of your article.
  2. A Good Title is Vital
    1. Your title is your first impression. Make it good, and people will want to read your article.
    2. It should pass the “So what, who care?” test.
    3. When someone reads the title what do they think?
      1. “Oooooh I want to read that!” or “Meh.”
  3. Title Before Outline
    1. A title is created before an article is outlined or written because different titles will produce different articles.
    2. Examples:
      1. You want to write about a pilgrimage you took
        1. The Secret to Harnessing a Pilgrimage Mindset will be a different article than “What I Learned a Lourdes that Changed How I View Myself.”
    3. Beware: coming up with a great title at the end can result negatively
      1. Disappointed Readers – title got them expecting a certain article and now they’re reading something else
      2. Rewriting – The title doesn’t match, so now you need to spend more time reworking the article to fit.
    4. Avoid titles that sound like book titles – Short Phrase: Subtitle that Explains What It’s About
  4. TL;DR
    1. Think up your idea
    2. Write an amazing title
    3. Outline your big ideas
    4. Submit your title and big ideas